Bobby's World KennelsWe at Pet Ship Board with help from our world wide network of pet relocators, have placed pets by air and ground to most countries, The UK, Canada, Dubai, South Africa, Thailand, Viat Nam, Chile, Costa Rica, Brazil and everywhere in between.  China and India offer challenges that are specific to individual city destinations.  We offer the expertise of many by utilizing the full range of knowledge to be found in IPATA, The International Pet and Animal Association. IPATA is the best tool for international or domestic logistics and is growing annually.  The goal is to have an IPATA pet shipper in every major city world wide and that goal will become a reality very soon.

Pet Ship Board is the go to PET TRANSPORTER WORLDWIDE when considering the Caribbean and Latin America.  Panama City, San Pedro Sula, San Jose and Mexico City offer different challenges that we can meet.  St. Kitts (SKB), Trinidad and Tobago (POS), Grenada (GND), St. Maartin (SXM), Barbados (BGI), Aruba (AUA), The Cayman Islands (GCM), Turks and Caicos (PLS) and The Bahamas (NAS + FPO) are some of our regular country destinations.  We also help to get pets from these countries and to the U.S.A. and to countries in other parts of the World.

640_2012-02-2510-42-17Documentation, particularly to foreign destinations can be difficult at best. With over 40 years experience, we work with the USDA Miami APHIS office to make sure that all the requirements are met. We are also not above listening to clients have had hands on knowledge at certain destinations.  Transporting a bird to Hawaii is not for the faint of heart.  Our recent move was a collaboration between Dr. Smith DVM at Bayview Animal Clinic, ourselves and the client. Little Makana arrived without a hitch!

We adhere by the tenants of the USDA Animal Welfare Act and the IATA Live Animal Regulations and do our best to expand upon the requirements so that our customers can be SECURE in the KNOWLEDGE that we will oversee all facets of FAMILY PET’s journey.  On every AIR WAYBILL that we generate a 24/7 EMERGENCY TEL NUMBER can be found.  Comfort, safety and expedience is our PRIORITY!

Located in S. Florida nearby Miami International Airport, we offer logistics with major air carriers like Amerijet, DHL Aero Expreso, Boa, not to mention Swiss World Cargo, United Airlines, KLM, British Airways, Delta, Lufthansa Qatar Airways and many more.  Knowing the counter agents, management and sales staff at the airlines gives us a leg up on a private person walking in out of the cold.  Our knowledge is respected by our peers and those in the air transportation industry.
Jack Russo

Jack Russo

President / Owner

Jack Russo owns the Kennel. He is one of the main care takers of your pets. With over 30 years of experience your pets are in good hands. Graduated from Restaurant management school in Toronto, Canada.
Jack has donated over 35 gallons of blood, going every other Monday for the past 10 years, he wants to help save lives.
Jack ships Pets all over the World. He helps people relocate the Pets and helps with USDA documents, becoming a member of IPATA in 2002.  He has been on the Board of directors and Regional Director for the America’s.
Jack always has a good joke or something to laugh about.
Anthony Russo

Anthony Russo

Vice President

Anthony Russo VP runs our office most days. He was born and raised at the Kennel and will be President some day of
the Corporation. He is great with the pets in our care and a dependable person. Our guests love him.
He has 23 years of experience. Born in Fort Lauderdale, he grew up with lots of pets. He volunteered as a Vet assistant at Bayview Animal Clinic helping with the care of pets.
After graduating Pompano High he started full time at Bobbis World Kennel. He attends IPATA seminars worldwide. Expanding his knowledge for our worldwide shipping business. He has traveled to Hawaii,Ireland and the UK.
Anthony is a certified Kennel Tech and always helps us with any computer issues.
He loves his job. Really gentle with our guests. He has special way with pets.