Vaccinations Required

We need a record of your Pet’s Vaccinations and Health Records

We need proof: receipts from your Veterinarian Hospital and Health history. Original proof please and we can call the Vet’s office. Please bring with you when your pets check in, Please no faxes

We are not responsible for medical expenses when dogs are in our care, If a dog & cat becomes ill while in our care any Veternarian expenses are the resposibilty of the owner. It is best to let your Animal Hospital know your Pet is in our care and keep a credit card on file. All boarding expenses must be prepaid before the pet is left at your Vets office. Please let us know of any existing medical problems in writing.

Cats and VaccinesDogs and Cats are required by Broward County to have a Rabies vaccination at four months of age and older, against Rabies every year or every three years by a licensed Veterinarian. The law provides exception when:

  • The cat or dog has been vaccinated against rabies
  • A licensed Veterinarian certifies (in writing) that a vaccination would be harmful to the Pet’s health; in which case a Waiver

Certificate should be issued by the Veterinarian. We also accept Titers to prove immunity. for Broward County laws

DHLPP and Parvo required

Bordetella inter- nasal to prevent Canine cough is recommended
If you are worried about the canine flu: ask your Vet about the vaccine it will help reduce the symptons.People get in a panic when their dog if coughing. It takes a few weeks to run it’s coarse. If your pet is not eating and running a fever, it is time to contact your Vet for medication. Don’t wait when your Pet’s have a fever. CONTACT YOUR VET and do not board Pet’s that are sick. If we need to take your pets to the Vet there is a drop off and pick up charge , depending where the location, of $75 to $100 each way.

Cats need to vaccinated against infectious disease, even cats that do not go outside.

We do not board ferral cats or strays. Cat that have Panleukopenia need to stay with your Vet.
If your cat is contageous or have ringworm call your Vet to board.
They need to be vaccinated for Rabies, Feline Panleukopenia and viral rhinotracheitis.
Please bring your cat Free of parasites